Alas! Time stays, we go!

This week I am especially reminded of Mr. Dobson’s poetic lines.  At times these words seem sad to me reminding me our life here on Earth is short along God’s Timeline.  They cause me to consider my Legacy; will I have a positive impact? will I inspire anyone along my path? At other times these words bring my actions into focus, knowing that each short day God provides, I am to be walking in His Will and to leave myself open to the work He has planned for me.

But today these lines have me thinking about the 9 youth members of our AmeriCorps team as we begin their last full week of service here at Lake Logan Conference Center. Our moderate winter weather has allowed them to complete so many outside projects we typically could not. And why we hate sitting empty Monday through Friday at any time of the year, it has been a blessing that we have been able to complete the horrendous project of painting the interior of our beautiful Bishop Johnson Dining Hall without disturbing the Guest Experience.

I wonder if these young people will ever grasp the level of gratitude we hold for the work they have accomplished.  Does a simple handshake and hug with expressed thanks reach this depth? Will the special lunch celebration with the staff and volunteers working alongside of them make the reach?

We may never know. 

So it will be our prayer that one-day God will have them to look back and recall their days here along the shores.  May that memory cause them to smile.  May that memory not think only of the projects they completed but of His Peace that surrounded them while they worked.  May that desire to experience His Peace cause them to seek and find Him, opening their heart door to His Love.

“Now, on the forward way

Let us fold hands, and pray

Alas, Time stays, we go!?

This, That and The Other:

Here is a quick update on the ongoing renovations and repairs with our River 6 Team from AmeriCorps.  All the inside and outside chinking of the Sit N Whittle Lodge has been complete.  Though we spent hours and time with Carlyn Pheil and Susan Neilson choosing what we believed would be the true Sit N Whittle Blue – it was not.  But Bruce Pace did not give up and kept digging till he found an old can of paint from the 1990s with enough contents remaining for us to get a true match.  Outside trim work and doors have now all been painted with the true Sit N Whittle Blue!

The team spent a marvelous week rotating through “Chair Class” with dear Johnny Keesee and have re-woven the seat bottoms of all Sit N Whittle chairs!  Each chair averages about 17 hours of handiwork – so you can just imagine the joy of having all the chairs restored.  And the team members have been taught a new life skill.  

Volunteer Ron Basini has been working along with AmeriCorps members in restoring our Sun Fish sailboats.  Hulls have been sanded, a new coat of fiberglass patch and now the finishing touches are underway.  The sail fabric for patches is coming up on the calendar soon.

We moved indoors as temperatures dropped and painted a fresh color known as Universal Khaki on the walls of the Bishop Johnson Dining Hall. It’s a beautiful, natural color that enhances the rock columns and warms the room. Three coats later and 40 gallons of paint have really brought new life into this center gathering location at LLCC.

We’re connecting with retired designer Priscilla Wodehouse on fabrics for the Lake House cabins.  If you’re interested in attending a pray and stitch event, we will be looking for sewers!  It will be a BYOM – bring your own machine event Straight seems and simple construction – nothing fancy, so all levels of sewers will be invited.  Please let us know if you’re interested and we’ll share the information with you.

Chef Paul, Della Swanger and I attended the Asheville Bridal Show in February.  If you of a couple looking for a beautiful place for their wedding, please have them stop by the show or they can always call us here at the Lake.

The Cataloochee Trout Unlimited Chapter is now working with LLCC on the restoration of our private section of the Pigeon River!  In addition to this exciting work, they are hosting a Fly Fishing School here at Lake Logan May 26-28, 2017.  If you've been waiting for the perfect time to pick up this fabulous sport - now is the time!  Come join us.

Susan Merrill/ Execuitve Director