Alas! Time stays, we go!

This week I am especially reminded of Mr. Dobson’s poetic lines.  At times these words seem sad to me reminding me our life here on Earth is short along God’s Timeline.  They cause me to consider my Legacy; will I have a positive impact? will I inspire anyone along my path? At other times these words bring my actions into focus, knowing that each short day God provides, I am to be walking in His Will and to leave myself open to the work He has planned for me.

But today these lines have me thinking about the 9 youth members of our AmeriCorps team as we begin their last full week of service here at Lake Logan Conference Center. Our moderate winter weather has allowed them to complete so many outside projects we typically could not. And why we hate sitting empty Monday through Friday at any time of the year, it has been a blessing that we have been able to complete the horrendous project of painting the interior of our beautiful Bishop Johnson Dining Hall without disturbing the Guest Experience.

I wonder if these young people will ever grasp the level of gratitude we hold for the work they have accomplished.  Does a simple handshake and hug with expressed thanks reach this depth? Will the special lunch celebration with the staff and volunteers working alongside of them make the reach?

We may never know. 

So it will be our prayer that one-day God will have them to look back and recall their days here along the shores.  May that memory cause them to smile.  May that memory not think only of the projects they completed but of His Peace that surrounded them while they worked.  May that desire to experience His Peace cause them to seek and find Him, opening their heart door to His Love.

“Now, on the forward way

Let us fold hands, and pray

Alas, Time stays, we go!?