A group of dedicated Lake Logan friends has offered $76,155* as a match challenge to pay off debt, so we are coming to you to ask you to help us meet this challenge.

Our current operational debt consists of a $100K term loan and approximately $130K line of credit, so meeting this match will pay off 66% of it. Paying down this operational debt will save us monthly payments (about $700 per month) and free resources to continue to grow our ministry, develop and strengthen programs, serve more year-round guests and Camp Henry campers, care for these historical buildings, and steward the beautiful grounds with which we’ve been entrusted.

You may know that in September 2016, the mortgage debt was paid off. This was a huge step for Lake Logan, and we owe that to the dedication of supporters like you. For the past two years, we have been operating in the black by a very thin margin, so the opportunity to pay down the operating debt will mean a great deal to the sustainability of Lake Logan’s ministry.

$53,268 of $76,155 goal met!

Would you consider a gift toward this endeavor? Whatever amount you give – $100, $500, $1000, or more – will be DOUBLED through this matching campaign.

Our goal date to have the match funds (or pledges) in hand has been extended to March 1. If we do not meet the goal of $76,155 match, we will lose the initial gift, and we just can’t let that happen. When we meet this goal, everyone who contributed will be invited to a celebration party in the spring.

We are happy to speak with you in person or by phone about this incredible opportunity, where your gift will be worth twice as much. Please call 828.646.0095 ext 101 or email if you’d like to set up a meeting time – or if you know someone we should approach to help meet this challenge.

To make a one-time donation without setting up an account,
click the “Donate Now” button. Thank you!

Thank you to the following generous donors for donating to the Match Campaign:

George Ahrens

All Saints Episcopal Church

Leslie Anderson

Ralph Andrew and Lynda Self

James Andrews

Robert and Laura Armour

Walter and Clyde Austin

Lee Berger

Courtney Blossman*

Robert and Ann Braswell

Lawrence and Martha Britt

Stuart Camblos

John and Jan Cantrell

George Cecil

Vince and Jane Childress

Martha Chovan

Church of the Holy Spirit

Blanche Clark

Alric Clay

Gay Coleman

George and Alice Collett

Paul Davis

Madeline Davis

Lynne Diehl

Paul and Chris Dismukes*

Patrick and Patty Duggan

Mary Edmonds

Rob and Andi Elliot

Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina*

Kathryn Florack

Amanda Franklin

Sim Gardner

Glen and Cheryl Gettinger

Grace Episcopal Church Women

Ashley Graham-Wilcox

Craig Green

Sandra Grey

Turner and Bethel Guidry

Jim and Margie Haaga

Joel and Anne Hafer

Ken Henry

Matt and Elizabeth Henry

J and Georgia Herring

Fred Hinson

Lynn Hogue

Marjory Holder

Tom Hughes

John and Sheila Ingersoll

Tom and Whitney Israel

Howard and Linda Jackson

Bishop Bob and Julie Johnson

Ross and Gwin Jones

Johnny and Fran Keesee*

Lynda Kepler

Carol King

Wayne Kinyon

Suzanne Klimek

Bob and Jane Knight

Constance Lawrence

Matthew and Catherine Lincoln

Frank Lockwood and Donna Ross

Lauch Magruder*

Rob and Beth Mangum

Penny Mann

J and Sharon Matthews

Dershie McDevitt

Bishop José and Laurel McLoughlin

Jill Meares

Marcia Millar

Carol Miller

Joseph and Patty Mouer

Dick and Vinton Murray

Jeff and Randi Neff

James and Kathleen Nicholl

Jack Odom

Thomas Panek

David and Carlyn Pheil

Cecil and Grace Pless

Ben and Jeanne Powell

James and Mary Powell

Jocelyn Reese

John Roberts

Edward and Sandra Robinson

James Royal Roseberry

John and Susie Ruhl

Brian and Joslyn Schaefer

Bo and Jane Schronce

SG Marketing Inc

Daryl Shankland

Jenna Sharrits

Albert and Martha Sneed

Cissie Stevens

Lauri SoJourner and Travis Zach

Mary Sorrells                    

Toby and Carroll Summerour

Nancy Swann*

George and Nettie Sweet

Carol Tannenbaum

 The Episcopal Church of the Ascension

The Reuben B Robertson Foundation

Brad and Mary Henry Thompson

Penelope Tillman

Frank Tindall

Sarah Tomaka

Greg and Sharon Townsend

Ernestine Tuton

Don and Karen Walker

Talley Wannamaker

Bill and Nancy Whisenhunt

Dick and Roba Whiteley

Susan Whittington

Craig and Jacqueline Williams

Karla Woggon

Stephen and Mary Bruce Woody

Doug Young

*Challenge Donors