Dear Friend,

I’m writing you in a time of unprecedented need for Lake Logan. We have enjoyed a wonderful year of serving guests and were well on our way to record-breaking reservations when COVID-19 hit.

Since last week, we have understandably had cancellations from every group through the end of April and some in May and June as well. We anticipate the number of cancellations will increase. Retreat groups are our primary ministry, and funds received from those groups represent vital cash flow that pays our staff family and keeps the lights on.

Of course, we have taken immediate steps to decrease costs, including laying off all our part-time help. Full-time staff may also have to take unpaid time off. We hope to keep our small, core staff employed through the crisis. We’ve turned off and unplugged everything we can think of, cancelled contracted services, and halted plans for many work projects we had scheduled for which supplies were not already purchased. We have made a special offer to folks who are interested in personal retreats during this time and have had a couple of takers. We have asked cancelling groups to reschedule in this calendar year; some have been able to, and some have not. Regardless, anticipated revenue from those groups is not forthcoming in the immediate future.

At this point, we do not know how COVID-19 will impact Camp Henry this summer. We are moving forward as planned and will continue to do so until we receive instructions otherwise. We imagine that if camp does proceed, scholarship requests will be higher than ever because of others who are financially impacted by the virus. (Some people have asked if they should go ahead and register for camp. The answer is yes!)

We are coordinating with the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina and are grateful for the support from Bishop José and other Diocesan staff who are helping us navigate through this difficult time. Nevertheless, we need the help of people who have been positively impacted by experiences at Lake Logan Conference Center and Camp Henry – people like you.

With all this in mind, I come to you asking for your help. If you are able, would consider an unrestricted gift to Lake Logan right now? Your help is vital to ensure that the ministries of Lake Logan Conference Center and Camp Henry remain when we get through this crisis. To make your gift, click this link, call us at 828.646.0095 ext 102, or mail your check to Lake Logan, 25 Wormy Chestnut Lane, Canton, NC 28716.

We know that God is with us. This afternoon, our guest services manager, Della, and I stepped outside (standing 6 feet apart of course!). We took in the stillness, heard the quiet, and breathed the fresh air. There’s no doubt that God is here in this thin place where people come together for restoration and reconciliation, for community and worship, for fun and fellowship. We have much to be grateful for.

Please pray for Lake Logan – as our staff prays for you. We look forward to seeing you here in this sacred space that has meant so much to so many and will for generations to come. Thank you for your support.


Lauri SoJourner
Executive Director of Lake Logan Conference Center
Interim Director of Camp Henry

PS   Ways you can help: