Lake Logan is happy to welcome day guests who want to enjoy recreation activities on our property. Review our rates and policies below. Please read all policies before applying for membership or reserving a day pass.

To reserve your day pass:

  • Season pass members must log into make reservations online. Members should have received a log-in and password.
  • If you do not have a season pass, purchase your day pass or fishing pass online after you’ve read this entire page. Passes for non-members are available two weeks in advance.
  • Groups larger than 12 or who would like private use, please call or email us.
  • Weekend reservations must be made no later than 3 PM on Friday.
  • Each guest must have signed a registration/release form on file. These must be updated annually. You can complete your form here.

  • Please note, in 2021 we will no longer sell day passes to the general public for swimming/boating/fishing Friday through Sunday. These days will be reserved for members, *guests of members, and overnight guests. Memberships for 2021 will go on sale in October.
    *Members will receive a code that allows their guests to purchase weekend passes and must remain with their guests.

Photo by member Doug Young

Camping options are also available. Learn more by clicking here.

Order lunch to go with your day pass. Call us to check the menu and place  your order after reserving your pass. 828.646.0095 ext 102. 72 hours notice is required.

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2021 SEASON PASSES ARE SOLD OUT. Check back in October to purchase your 2022 pass.

Day Pass Rates

Day Pass: Swim/ Boat/ Hike / Picnic

includes boats

$16 per person, minimum of 2 people

10 and under are free with a pass purchase

Day Pass: Fishing (half or full day) 

lake only
does not include boats

$45 per person
Boat Rental

included in day pass rate

Professional Photographer Day Pass

$25 plus $5 per subject*

Call for reservations.

Hiking Only

available at this rate when the lake is closed


Call for reservations.

Lunch typically $15. Call for details and reservations.

(*intended for professional photographers who will be charging clients for photo sessions, not hobby photographers. Call or email to reserve a photographer’s pass.)

2021 Season Membership Rates

2021 SEASON PASSES ARE SOLD OUT. Check back in October to purchase your 2022 pass.

Your 2021 Season Pass gives you a 10% discount on camping at Lake Logan.




(2 adults / 4 children under age 18)

Level 1:

Swim/Picnic/Hike/ Boat




Additional children ages 11-17 $20 each.

Level 2:

Fish – Lake

(includes level 1 amenities)




Additional children ages 11-17 $20 each.

Level 3:

Fish – River

(includes level 2 amenities)





Additional children ages 11-17 $20 each.

Because we only offer a limited number of Fishing Memberships, as space is available, we offer the opportunity for Level 1 members to purchase a day fishing pass for only $20 per day.

Policies for Season Membership and 
Day Guest Pass Holders

Guests – even those with a season membership – must make reservations in advance. Check the website for availability. Reservations for the weekend must be made by 3 PM on Friday. We limit the number of guests each day, and during warmer months, we do fill up. Do not call or email on the weekend to make reservations for that same weekend as our office will not be open.

Membership cycle runs January to December. The lake is open for season members and guest pass holders from April 1 through mid-November (weather permitting). If the weather is unseasonably warm, we may open the lake early or keep it open later. If the weather is unseasonably cold, we may have to close the lake early or open it later. No refunds will be issued.

Season memberships for the following year typically go on sale in October. Sign up for our newsletter to receive notice when memberships go on sale. We sell a limited number and recommend purchasing early to be sure there is availability. Members should be sure you can receive our e-news as we will sometimes send important information for members via our e-news system.

Reservations must be made online. 

Guest passes are good from 8 AM to dusk for the date for which they are issued. Times available are subject to change.

Guest passes are only available when the lake and other requested amenities have not been reserved by a group. Lake Logan reserves the right to deny the use of property at any time. That is why it is imperative that everyone (including members) make reservations.

Each guest must have signed a registration/release form on file. These must be updated annually. You can complete your release form here.

Members and day pass guests must wear a Lake Logan issued wristband while on property and must display their parking pass in the front window of their vehicle.

  • Beginning in 2021, members will be given a wristband and parking pass for the year. Replacement wrist bands and parking passes are $20. For the remainder of 2020, follow same protocol as day pass guests.
  • Monday-Friday day guests will stop by the Main Lodge to pick up a wristband and parking pass. 
  • May through mid-September:  Saturday and Sunday, check in with staff at the boathouse to pick up wristband and parking pass.
  • Mid-September through April: Saturday and Sunday, stop by Main Lodge to pick up your wristband and parking pass.
  • If arrival time is scheduled after 5 PM, please contact to the office during office hours to make arrangements to pick up a wristband and parking pass.

If you would like to purchase a to-go lunch, please email info@lakelogan at least 72 hours in advance. If no other guests are being served lunch, a minimum number of to-go lunches may be required.

Please review the following rules with all members of your party:

All activities are done at your own risk. 

Under no circumstances will guests be allowed on the lake when Camp Henry is scheduled to use the lake. These times will be published online.

Children and youth ages 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult. 

Park by the boathouse, by the tennis courts, or near the office. Be sure your parking pass is easily visible on the dash of your car. Do not park on roadways.

Wear your wristband so that it can be easily seen.

Do not swim or boat if you hear thunder or see lightning.

Swim in the swim area only.

Do not enter guest lodging or meeting spaces.

Do not litter.

There is no smoking in the swimming or boating area. This includes vaping, e-cigarettes, juuls, and the like.

Well behaved dogs are welcome. Owners must keep dogs on a leash at all times and clean up after them. Lake Logan reserves the right to revoke dog privileges at any time. Please note, we have several friendly animals (dogs, cats, and chickens) who live full-time on the property. If your dog does not play well with others, please keep him/her at home. Before bringing your pet to Lake Logan, please read our entire pet policy.

Follow directions on all posted signs.

The docks on the side of the lake opposite the boathouse do not belong to Lake Logan. They are private property, and Lake Logan members and guests should not use them.

We recommend guests never hike, swim, or boat alone.  


For fishing

  • A valid North Carolina fishing license is required.
  • Lake Logan waters are catch and release only.
  • Single hook only. No live bait. No scent/flavor.
  • Typically, fishing is permitted from the shore and dock at the Boat House or from a Lake Logan canoe or jonboat. River fishing must be reserved.
  • Do not fish in the swim area. Do not fish from the dock when children are swimming.
  • Half-day is generally 8 AM-Noon or 1 – 5 PM.


For boating

  • No outside boats are allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS. Here’s why.
  • Boat rental is included with day passes and season memberships and can be purchased as an add-on for fishing.
  • Each occupant of a boat/SUP must have a PFD.
    • Do not cross orange boundary markers.
  • The rescue boat is off-limits to guests. It is the one in the boat house that says “Staff.”
  • Do not drag boats on the pavement or gravel. They need to be picked up and carried.
  • Do not boat under the bridge onto the river.
  • Use the right paddle for the right boat. (Kayak, canoe, jonboat, and paddleboard – they all have different paddles.)
  • Put all equipment back in its place – hang jackets, paddles in their labeled location, boats upside down on racks, etc. Do not leave boats and equipment anywhere except at the boat house when not in use.


Effective, June 1, 2021, there is no parking at the Boat House. Boat House parking is located across Lake Logan Road on the Air Strip. See map below, and follow posted signs.

Parking is also available at the tennis courts by the field. This is most convenient for members accessing the river.

Our policies are in place for the safety and enjoyment of all Lake Logan guests and Camp Henry campers. Lake Logan reserves the right to cancel membership and guest pass privileges of any member or guest who does not obey our policies.

No refunds will be issued.