Watercraft Registration for Members

Watercraft Registration for Members

New in 2022, we will allow members to purchase registration for your personal watercraft. This privilege is for members only; no day guests or overnight guests may bring outside boats.

This is a trial year, and we reserve the right to withdraw this privilege if it does not seem to be working out.

Cost is $35 per watercraft per year. We will limit the number of watercraft registrations allowed in a year. Register your watercraft early, because we cannot guarantee how long we’ll be accepting new registrations.

Individual members may register up to two different watercraft. Family members may register up to four different watercraft.

Allowable watercraft include kayaks, canoes, jonboats, and stand up paddle boards.

You will receive an annual sticker that must be placed in a conspicuous location on your watercraft so that it may be easily seen from shore by our staff. Registration stickers are nontransferable. If you purchase a new watercraft and wish to use it at Lake Logan, you will need to purchase a new registration.

When you make your reservation, please indicate you’ll be bringing your watercraft.

Prior to bringing your boat or SUP board to Lake Logan, be sure it has been cleaned so that foreign substances are not introduced to our water.

You may pull up your vehicle to the gate to unload, and will then need to move your vehicle to the designated parking area across Lake Logan Road.

Lake Logan is unable to store boats or SUP boards for members. Do not leave your watercraft unattended. Lake Logan cannot be held responsible for your watercraft.