Camp Henry Dates and Rates

We believe you will find Camp Henry is one of the most affordable summer camps in Western North Carolina. Since our founding in 1959, it has been a priority that our camp experience be available to every child and family who wants it. Our rates indicate the actual cost of summer camp. Recognizing that the full cost of camp is not attainable for every family, we offer an automatic subsidy for anyone who requests it. Simply click that coupon, and you’ll receive the 15% subsidy. This is possible because of generous donors and support from the Diocese of Western North Carolina. It’s an honor system, and we ask that only people who cannot afford the full cost of camp take that discount. You can read more about the subsidy on our blog.

Please see our registration fee and cancellation policies here.

2021 Regular Session Dates and Rates 

Traditional Camp Sessions



with Subsidy
Mini Camp- Grades K-3 and a guardianJune 6-9$395 per child, $80 per parent$330 per participant, $80 per parent
Elementary 1- Grades 3-5June 13-18$705$595
High School- Grades 9-12June 20- 25$705$595

Middle School 1- Grades 6-8

June 20-25$705$595

Performing Arts Camp- Grades 5-10


Performing Arts Camp is a session for campers in grades 5-10 that is modeled after a traditional camp session, with a program that focuses on living into each camper’s talents and passions for the performing arts and culminating in a group performance at the end of the week. During the first night of camp, campers will divide into groups that include singing, dancing, acting, instrumental music, set design, etc. and will meet with their team leaders to discuss the week’s goals. Over the following days the groups will spend their mornings and some evenings and skill times developing and practicing their portions of the performance. On the last day of camp campers will perform their production for their families!

June 27- July 2$705$595
Middle School 2- Grades 6-8July 4- 9$705$595
Elementary 2 – Grades 3-5July 11- 16$705$595

Highschool 2- Service Edition! – Grades 9-12


A session for high school aged campers that is modeled after a traditional camp session, with a program that focuses on service and a slightly altered schedule. On the first night of camp, campers will meet the chaplain and team leaders and choose from an array of service projects that they will work on each morning. Instead of typical morning programming, campers will work with their small group and team leader to complete their service project and build community. After Lunch activities will follow our traditional camp schedule. At the end of the week there will be a “tour of projects”, where campers can showcase their hard work with their group

July 18- 23$550$467
LAMP (Leadership, Adventure, and Mission Program – 10th to 12th Grades)Dates


with Subsidy
LAMP 1June 6-18$1275$1035
LAMP 2July 4-16$1275$1035
Camper’s session grade is typically determined by the grade they are completing. However, if you feel your child should go up or down a grade based on their maturity, we can be flexible. Please call if you’d like to discuss proper placement for your camper.
Family CampJuly 25 – 28  
  DormUpgrade to a Cabin Campsite
2 people, 3 nights – one adult and one child or two adults$400add $200 per room$170
each additional family member$140 $70
under 5$0 $0
Camp Henry Outdoor School Camp SessionsDate


with subsidy

Middle School CHOS 1- Grades 6-8

June 13 – 18$765$660
High School CHOS- Grades 9-12June 27- July 2$765$660
Middle School CHOS 2- Grades 6-8July 11-16$765$660
CHOS Amplified- Grades 10-12July 18-27$1170$1080