The ministry of Lake Logan is a journey of faith. It requires investments of hopes, dreams, prayers, dedication, and generosity. You are invited to join other Lake Logan supporters in this shared vision to continue the important work here by becoming a Trailblazer and helping lead the way for the future of this important ministry.

This giving opportunity allows you to make a thoughtful monthly or annual unrestricted gift to provide for the future of Lake Logan. This regular and reliable income helps us expand program offerings, continue to improve our historic campus, maintain ongoing capital improvements, and plan for the future. Trailblazer gifts support all of Lake Logan’s ministries—the Retreat Center, Camp Henry, and the Outdoor School.

As thanks for their support, Trailblazers receive an annual car decal, advanced notification of all special events and programs, occasional special rates for lodging and events, an invitation to the Annual Trailblazer Retreat. There are multiple giving entry points for joining Trailblazers, and each giving level receives a special one-time gift upon joining. In addition, Trailblazers develop a special community of friends through their participation in Lake Logan events and shared love of this thin space.


Trailblazer Giving Level
Amount of Annual Pledge


$120-364 annually or
$10-30 per month

Annual car decal


$365-$599 or
$31-49 per month  

Locally made pottery mug and annual car decal


$600-$1199 annually or
$50-99 per month

Set of two locally made pottery mugs and annual car decal


$1200+ annually or
$100+ per month

Set of two locally made pottery mugs, family level 1 season membership (can be gifted), and annual  car decal

Thank you to our Trailblazers:

George Ahrens

Kate Akerman

Doris Allison

Augusta and Steve Anderson

Will Arditti

Matthew Arehart

Elisabeth Arnstrong

Beverly and Carter Bagley

Meriwether and Croom Beatty

Lee Berger

Paul Bertucci and Michelle Vessely

Lauren and Blair Bishop (Bishop Forestry and Land, PLLC)

Anne and Ed Bleynat

Ann and Robert Braswell

Martha and Lawrence Britt

Anika Brock and Elaine Potter

Will Bryant

Ed and Suzanne Cagle

Stuart Camblos

Kay Cannon

Mandie Carlson

Sallie and Gene Carr

Deborah Cathey

Joe and Robert Chandler

Emily Chatfield-Lusto

Mary Chavis

Jane and Vince Childress

Blanche Clark

Paul Davis

Ginger Dempsey

Laurel Destry

Lynne Diehl

Paul and Chris Dismukes

Elleveve Donahue

Brian and Melissa Costin

Constance Crump

Jane and John Earl

Mary Edmonds

Andi and Rob Elliot

Margaret (Sam) Faeth

John and Lila Farley

Virginia Faust

Jayne and Robert Field

Betsy and JM Fletcher

Larry and Renee Forbes

Priestly and Brent Ford

Carole Ann Forsyth

Patch Foster

Sim Gardner

Philip Garland

Lorelei Garnes

Becky Gaddis

Cheryl and Glen Gettinger

Ted Ghiz

William Graham

Sandra Grey

Fred and Susan Grogan

Bethel and Turner Guidry

Margie and Jim Haaga

Anne and Joel Hafer

Michael (Doug) Hanks

Nancy and Bill Harger

Mary and Mike Hartman

Peter Hawes

Elizabeth and Matt Henry

Kenneth Henry

Georgia and John Herring

Perry and Barbara Hildreth

Fred Hinson

Marjory Holder

Lauri Hollingsworth and Earl Rhoades

Evans Hubbard

Marlene Hyatt

Sheila and John Ingersoll

Beverly Ingram

Binford Jennings

Julie and Bishop Bob Johnson

Pat and David Jones

Gwin and Ross Jones

Susan and Michael Kaiser

Fran and Johnny Keesee

Rhonda Kilby

Carol King

Jane and Bob Knight

Florence and Jack Krupnick

Mary Lance

Jason Lawrence

Susan and Harry Lawrence

Mary Lockey

Mary Alice and Michael Lodico

Lauch Magruder

Nancy and Tom Maher

Penny Mann

Vance and Peggy Mann

Rob and Beth Mangum

Tim McRee

Tina McGuire

Mark Meyer

Heath Massey and John Mitchener

William McCleery and Lenea Warmke

Tina McGuire

Laurel and José McLoughlin

Marcia Millar

John and Michelle Minks

Hugh Mooney

Patty and Joe Mouer

Vinton and Dick Murray

Janice Nash

Randi and Jeff Neff

Steve Nesbitt

Pam Nolte-Viau and Rob Viau

Julie Northup

JT Odom

Christiane Pheil

Lucy Oliver and Tom Rightmeyer

Allison Page

Carlyn and David Pheil

Grace and Cecil Pless

Jeanne and Ben Powell

Paula Rives

John and Hannah Marie Roberts

Peter Robertson

Patricia Robinson

Andrew Roth

Lindsay Roy

Cathy Rudder

John Russell

Pat Ruth

Kay Saenger

Joslyn and Brian Schaefer

Jane and Bo Schronce

Jonathan Stepp

Michelle Sherburne and Scott White

Kent Smith

Leslie and Dan Smith

Lauri SoJourner and Travis Zach

Jill Sparks and Adrian Vasallo

Mary Jo Sparrow

Cissy Stevens

David Stockert

Carroll and Toby Summerour

Nancy Swann

Nettie and George Sweet

Elizabeth Tindall

Kevin Todd

Greg Townsend

Halley and Bill Townsend

Janet and John Turley

Karen and Donald Walker

Talley Wannamaker

Caroline Warburton

Jonathan Warren

Eleanor and Irv Welling

Nancy and Bill Whisenhunt

Roba Whiteley

Nancy Whittington

Janet Whitworth and Mark Whitney

Greg Wilkinson

Rachel and Stephen Williams

Jacqueline and Craig Williams

Alexander Williamson

Mary Bruce and Stephen Woody

Dwight Wyse