Waterfront Policies

Please click here to see how to reserve a day pass.

Use of the waterfront and lake is from dawn until dusk, weather permitting, only.

All activities are done at your own risk. 

When Camp Henry is in session, the Camp Henry side of the waterfront is off-limits to others.

Children and youth ages 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult. 

Parking is across Lake Logan Road on the airstrip. Be sure your parking permit is easily visible in your vehicle. Do not park on roadways.

Wear your wristband so that it can be easily seen.

Do not swim or boat if you hear thunder or see lightning.

Swim in the marked swim area only.

Do not enter guest lodging or meeting spaces.

Do not litter.

There is no smoking in the swimming or boating area. This includes vaping, e-cigarettes, juuls, and the like.

Well-behaved dogs are welcome. Owners must keep dogs on a leash at all times and clean up after them. Lake Logan reserves the right to revoke dog privileges at any time. If your dog does not play well with others, please keep them at home. Before bringing your pet to Lake Logan, please read our entire pet policy.

Follow directions on all posted signs.

The docks on the side of the lake opposite the boathouse do not belong to Lake Logan. They are private property, and Lake Logan members and guests should not use them.

We recommend guests never hike, swim, or boat alone. 

For fishing

  • A valid North Carolina fishing license is required.
  • Lake Logan waters are catch-and-release only.
  • Single hook only. No live bait. No scent/flavor.
  • Typically, fishing is permitted from the shore and dock at the Boat House or from a Lake Logan canoe or jonboat. River fishing must be reserved.
  • Do not fish in the swim area. Do not fish from the dock when people are swimming. 

For boating

  • No unregistered outside watercraft are allowed. Only annual season members may register their boats.
  • Boat rental is included with day passes and season memberships.
  • Each occupant of a boat/SUP must have a PFD.
  • Do not cross orange boundary markers.
  • The rescue boat is off-limits to guests. It is the one in the boat house that says “Staff.”
  • Do not drag boats on the pavement or gravel. They need to be picked up and carried.
  • Do not boat under the bridge onto the river.
  • Use the right paddle for the right boat. (Kayak, canoe, jonboat, and paddleboard – they all have different paddles.)
  • Put all equipment back in its place – hang jackets, paddles in their labeled location, boats upside down on racks, etc. Do not leave boats and equipment anywhere except at the boat house when not in use.

Our policies are in place for the safety and enjoyment of all Lake Logan guests and Camp Henry campers. Lake Logan reserves the right to cancel membership and guest pass privileges of any member or guest who does not obey our policies.

No refunds will be issued.