Reservations can be made beginning January 2 of the year preceding your wedding. Catering rates are subject to change based on market fluctuations and requests. Current lodging rates can be found on our rate page.


We accept checks, e-check, cash, debit, and Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express. There will be a $1 service charge for credit card purchases under $10 and a 3% service charge for all other credit and debit card payments. Please add the 3% service fee when paying with a credit or debit card. You may pay online with an e-check or mail a check for no additional fee.


If your estimated bill is less than $1000, Lake Logan requires a nonrefundable payment in full with your signed contract. Dates will be held for you until the due date listed on the contract, at which time they will be released if the deposit has not been received.

If your total bill exceeds $1000, based on your tentative space reservations and guest count, Lake Logan requires a 50% nonrefundable deposit with your signed contract. Dates will be held for you until the due date listed on the contract, at which time they will be released if the deposit has not been received.


Your balance due must be paid in full 30 days prior to arrival. Incidentals acquired by the group, additional guests, and taxes will be applied to your final bill. Lake Logan will provide your final invoice within ten days of departure. Payment on the final invoice is due within 14 days of the date sent. Payments not received within 14 days of the invoice date will be assessed a late fee of 1.5% of the total due per month (18% APR).


We do single billing for weddings, meaning the wedding coordinator will be responsible for making rooming assignments and collecting payments from guests. We do not offer individual billing for guests.


You may reduce your number or room block by 25% up to 90 days prior to your event date with no penalty. Your guaranteed count is due to Lake Logan 60 days prior to your event date. If your event’s guaranteed number is not received as requested, you will be billed for the reserved guests and rooms blocked at the contracted rate.

Set-up needs, dietary requirements, and special requests are due to Lake Logan 30 days prior to your arrival. You may increase your group numbers at any time if space allows.


A minimum participant count of twelve has been established for food service. If your numbers fall below that minimum, your event will be billed for twelve participants for each meal.


Your 50% deposit is nonrefundable. (For events paid in full because the total bill was less than $1000, the full amount is nonrefundable). All cancellations must be received in writing 90 days prior to your reserved dates. Failure to provide 90 days notice means you will be responsible for full payment under the user agreement.


If there are last-minute additions for your event, Lake Logan will make every effort to accommodate the additional persons, provided space is available. Lake Logan will provide an additional invoice for “add-ons.”


Groups are required to provide a certificate of liability insurance with policy limits equal to or exceeding $1 million, naming Lake Logan as an additional insured for the extent of their visit. If a group does not have liability insurance, the group is required to purchase an endorsement issued by Lake Logan’s carrier, which is valid for a period of one year, beginning from the first date of visit at a rate of $115.


Our Guest Services Manager will work with you and/or your wedding coordinator to ensure that you have a wonderful wedding experience. Our services include offering site visits and providing detailed information about Lake Logan lodging and wedding spaces, organizing Lake Logan catering requests, and all matters related to contracts and billing. The Guest Services Manager will also liaise with our Dining Services department to ensure catering requests and needs are fulfilled.

Lake Logan will provide catering staff for all meals catered through Lake Logan’s Dining Services department. We cannot provide bartending or alcoholic beverage service as we are not ABC licensed. Please see our ABC Policy for more information.


We require a wedding coordinator for weddings with an attendance of 70 people or more. This person will serve as the main point of contact for the group. We ask that all requests and service needs be communicated through the wedding coordinator to ensure a smooth event process.

For weddings with 69 guests or less, we recommend using a day coordinator to help facilitate wedding day service needs.

Lake Logan staff is unable to act as wedding coordinators for the event. Please see above for what services we can provide.


Please supply one point of contact for your event. All changes to your wedding day should be communicated through your one point of contact. If your rehearsal dinner is being billed separately, there may be a different point of contact for that event.


We offer many options, from heavy hors d’oeuvres to full buffets. Our menu can accommodate special diets such as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. All catering selections must be submitted no less than 30 days before the reception.

All catering orders are subject to NC state sales tax and 18% gratuity.

Outside catering and food trucks require pre-authorization and an additional fee and are not allowed at the Dining Hall.

If catering is outside the Johnson Dining Hall, plates, glassware, and silverware are unavailable. We recommend renting dishware and flatware from suppliers in Asheville, NC.


Lake Logan does not provide wedding cakes. We can recommend local bakers.


Lake Logan does not have an ABC license from the State of North Carolina to serve or sell alcoholic beverages. Guests are required to get a special occasion beverage license from the ABC Commission or use a caterer with an ABC license. An ABC license must be submitted to Lake Logan at least seven days prior to the event. More information about this process can be found here.

Guests are welcome to bring their own beer and wine for their private use in lodging spaces. We ask that guests drink responsibly and ensure that only those of legal age consume alcoholic beverages. Open containers are not permitted on the grounds or by the waterfront. Consumption of alcohol while boating or swimming is not permitted.


Items such as sound system, microphone, and projector/screen may be available to rent for an additional fee. Please discuss your needs with the Guest Services Manager as soon as possible so we can confirm whether we can meet your AV needs.


Furniture (including outdoor furniture), linens, blankets, pillows, kitchen items (including dishes), and all other Lake Logan property are to remain in their proper locations. If furniture is moved to make your stay more enjoyable, please return it to its original location before departure. Do not tape or use putty on any walls. Do not take interior furniture outside. Guests will be assessed a $500 fee if interior furniture is found outside, regardless of weather conditions.


Quiet hours are from 10 PM until 7 AM. Music should not be amplified outdoors after 10 PM.


Lake Logan reserves the right to remove any persons from the facilities or premises who are unauthorized, creating a disturbance, or jeopardizing the health, safety, and/or welfare of our guests.


All guests are invited to enjoy the use of the living room and front porch at Main Lodge as well as the porches of the Dining Hall for informal rest and relaxation. August through May, guests may also use Boojum’s Cave for recreation. Notice will be provided at check-in and/or via posted signs if a public area is reserved for a private function.


Flooding and drought may impact the level of the lake and river. Pactiv Evergreen has the right to lower the lake level during drought or for dam maintenance. While this is a rare occurrence, we cannot guarantee the lake’s water level during your ceremony. We will do our best to communicate with you in advance if we are aware of changes.


Lake Logan has wireless internet services in the Main Lodge, Johnson Dining Hall, Celebration Hall, Sit ‘n’ Whittle Lodge, and the Field/Stage. Lakeside accommodations, Hemlock, and the Retreat House also have wireless internet access. Due to our mountain location, we cannot guarantee the consistency of the internet connection.


The photographs or likenesses of guests of Lake Logan may be used for publicity or other purposes without compensation or other consideration. Guests may request in writing that their photographs or likenesses not be used in this fashion.

We are happy to recommend wedding photographers who are familiar with Lake Logan. We always appreciate it when our guests and wedding photographers share their photos with us.


Lake Logan is unable to provide decorations or outdoor furnishings for weddings or events. Wedding parties will be held responsible for any damage from decorations, including but not limited to walls and furniture. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Please communicate rental drop-off, and pick-up dates and times with the Guest Services Manager. Drop-off equipment such as tents, tables, and chairs must take place within the contracted dates and times. Early drop-off can be requested and is based on availability.


Pianos are located in the Main Lodge, Celebration Hall, and Sit n Whittle Lodge. They are typically tuned each year in August. If you require additional tuning, we can schedule it at your expense.


We do not allow items such as thrown silk flower petals, confetti of any type, rice, glitter, and other similar items for sendoffs. We recommend birdseed, bubbles, or sparklers. If you have other ideas, especially if they will make litter or excessive noise, please discuss this with us before finalizing your plans.


Access to the venue before your contracted date is based on availability and is not guaranteed. Please contact the Guest Services Manager to discuss access to the facilities. Additional charges will be incurred for early access. Dining Hall C has limited set-up availability if it is not privately rented for the entire weekend, as this is our primary dining hall.


The contracted party is responsible for removing all decorations and returning all facilities to their original condition. Please make sure there is no litter on the ground outside, as this attracts bears and other small animals.

Please note that the damage deposit applies to the condition of buildings and lodging at the time of checkout.


Lake Logan does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital, family, pregnancy status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran, or citizenship status. The Episcopal Church welcomes you.