Choosing a Summer Camp

Choosing a Summer Camp

Traditional summer camp allows for freedom kids today rarely experience. At camp, children get to be creative, take risks, and explore new activities and ideas in an environment of safety and controlled chaos. They are also required to disconnect from devices so they can connect with people, nature, and – in the case of a faith-based camp like Camp Henry – God. There are no friends like camp friends. 

At Camp Henry, kids dance, hike, fish, swim, boat, play dress-up, run, worship, pray, play, laugh, and sing. They have traditions only someone who has been to Camp Henry can understand – as Trash Can Lid, Poopy Sleep Time, and Boojum Hunting. They stay up late in their cabins talking to their new best friends. They wake up early to see the sunrise and participate in cleaning duties because they come to understand that living in a community means sharing responsibilities. They have college-aged role models who serve as their counselors and develop meaningful relationships with adults in the church who give time to them.

When choosing a summer camp for your child, here are a few questions to consider from the American Camp Association, a national body that accredits summer camps who meet a long list of stringent requirements. The answers for Camp Henry are also included:

1. What locale do I want to consider? 

Camp Henry is located in Haywood County on beautiful Lake Logan, just 20 minutes from Waynesville and Canton, North Carolina. 

2. Do I want a traditional camp that gives my child a wide variety of experiences or do I want to select a specialty camp that focuses on a particular activity or set of skills?

Camp Henry focuses on the “whole camper” providing a variety of experiences intended to help children grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With programs for families, children, and youth, Camp Henry offers an experience of the Living God in an environment of unconditional love, imagination, and engagement.

3. What size enrollment will make my child feel comfortable?

Camp Henry is relatively small, with fewer than 80 children per session and a staff to camper ratio of about 1:4.

4. How rustic do I want the camp to be?

Camp Henry is kind of rustic. Campers spend a lot of time outdoors (more so if they choose the outdoor school option). Cabins do have electricity and attached bathrooms; most meals are taken in the modern dining hall, where a variety of dietary needs can be met. For a more rustic experience, middle and high schoolers can choose to participate in CHOS (Camp Henry Outdoor School).

5. What session length will appeal to my child and to our family plans for the summer?

Camp Henry sessions are one week with the option to bridge to multiple sessions. Camp Henry also offers a shorter mini camp and two shorter family camp sessions.

6. What is my budget for camp tuition?

As a nonprofit camp owned by the Episcopal Church, Camp Henry is less expensive than a lot of summer camps in NC and has a generous scholarship program. 

7. Is the camp accredited by ACA?

Camp Henry is!

For help on choosing the right camp for your child, visit American Camp Association or contact Camp Henry’s director, Kathryn Florack.

We hope to see you at Camp Henry this summer!

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