Financial Aid

We believe that every child deserves a summer camp experience and no one will be turned away from Camp Henry because of funds. There are a few ways to receive financial aid. 

Option 1- An automatic subsidy of 15% is available for those unable to pay the at-cost rate. Simply enter SUBSIDY in the coupon code field at registration and you’ll receive the 15% subsidy. This is possible because of generous donors and support from the Diocese of Western North Carolina. We ask that only people who cannot afford the full cost of camp take that discount. 

Option 2- If you are affiliated with a church of the Episcopal Diocese of WNC you are eligible for our Campership program. Camperships split the cost of camp evenly between a church, the Campership fund, and the family. To take advantage of this discount you will need to enter the ‘coupon code’ CAMPERSHIP and the ‘transfer code’ unique to your church. If you do not know your churches transfer code please reach out to your church administrator or contact 

Option 3- Finally, if you need more assistance than Option 1 allows AND are not affiliated with a church, please complete the financial aid request during registration. We will work to find funding to make sure that your child can come to Camp Henry. We appreciate this being done in the winter or early spring.

These options are only available due to the support of the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina and through the partnership with various churches, agencies, communities, and individuals who support the subsidy and camperships to many deserving families each year. Every dollar in our scholarship fund counts. Please be considerate when applying for a campership.