Stay the Night

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Stay the Night

Something special happens on overnight retreats at Lake Logan. It’s those informal times when unplanned, meaningful conversations happen, people feel more relaxed, and friendships are sealed.

Organizations often choose to host day-only retreats. Or they give participants the option to commute while some spend the night. There are lots of good reasons to do that – budgets, time constraints, family responsibilities, and sometimes just plain old discomfort with sleeping in an unfamiliar place. Value can still be had from the activities of the day, but choosing an overnight retreat and not allowing the commuter option can enrich the experience for everyone.

Extending retreat time to include an overnight relieves the pressure of getting it all done before 5. It allows participants to engage more fully because they can disconnect from responsibilities at home. It leaves room for laughter and sharing around the campfire, time for more recreational activities which promote team bonding, and opportunity for easy conversation (which can lead to great ideas) during a morning walk. These shared experiences make groups stronger – whether you are retreating for work, church, or family.

Not to mention, when you spend the night at Lake Logan you get to see the stars like nowhere else! Hope we’ll see you at Lake Logan for an overnight retreat soon. You can book your own or join one of ours!

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